Starter Combo
Create your own starter combination. Pick Three 5.99 or Pick Four 7.50

Chose from the following:
Egg Rolls                           Fried Chicken Dumplings
Spring Rolls                      Beef Fried Wontons
Cheese Rangoons             Mini Tacos

HK Wok Chicken Lettuce Wrap (limited quantity available)
Stir-fried ground chicken, carrots, celery and water chestnut with Hoi Sin sauce. Served with chilled lettuce $8.25

Shrimp Tempura
6 breaded Nobishi shrimp served with sweet teriyaki sauce. $8.50

Spring Rolls
Thin crispy roll shells filled with shredded vegetables. $3.99

Chicken on a Stick
6 chicken tenders mixed with our house BBQ sauce. $8.25

Chicken Dumplings
6 crescent shaped dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables. Fried or steamed $4.85

Cheese Rangoon
8 crispy wrappings filled with cream cheese & green onions $4.50

Egg Rolls
2 thick crispy egg rolls shells filled with shredded vegetables and chicken $3.50

Beef Fried Wontons
8 crispy wrappings filled with ground beef and  green onions $3.50

House Bar-B-Q Wings
6 fried chicken wings mixed with our special BBQ sauce $7.50

PuPu Platter
Served under the fire with egg rolls, cheese rangoon, beef fried wontons, fried chicken dumplings, BBQ wings and chicken on sticks $9.99 (no substitutions)

Mini Tacos
8 mini tacos filled with premium chunks of beef, pinto beans and mid authentic Mexican spices $4.25


HongKongWokChiliPepper – Spicy
 – Gluten Free

18% gratuity for parties of 8 or more. 

Extra sauce available for an additional charge.

The FDA advises consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of food borne illness. 

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